December 10, 2009

My favorite accessory

This is the best piece I have ever had.
(YSL Ring)


I just randomly felt like posting one of the portraits of myself taken by my friend Darya.
For no reason I just like this photo even though I look like an idiot on this one.
(BCBG dress)

December 9, 2009

Is that a Joke?

Dear Lady Gaga!
Are you fucking KIDDING ME?


There is not much to say. I love black and I love Burberry.

Let it snow

Finally. It is snowing here in Montreal.
It is so beautiful outside that I don't even care how cold it is anymore.
I just sincerely hope this beauty will not melt by tomorrow.
I felt so bad when while on my way back from school I realized I did not have my camera on me, which means I will not have pictures of this first thin and unbroken layer of white snow :(
Who is to blame? My final exams. I was so frustrated that I could not even sleep last night :(
But I am so happy I will never go back to my Sociology of Quebec class! I am so UNBELIEVABLY happy that I am over it.
5 more exams to go.
I hate you Lasalle.

December 8, 2009

It's me, Alice

My name is Alisa and I am a complete Russian who lives in Montreal, QC.
In fact, this blog has no specific purpose; I will just post my photographs, somebody else photographs, my thoughts, somebody else thoughts, etc.
I love flowers, perfumes, light colors, dumb comedies, sincere music, sunny beaches, and rain-forests.
I am fond of interior design, fashion, and photograph. I enjoy taking pictures myself, as well as being in front of the camera.
Whoever my readers will be, you are more than welcome!